LJY Services Can Help You Keep Your Space Spick-and-Span

A commercial cleaning company serving Byron, MN and surrounding areas, including Rochester, MN

Janitorial work is best left to a commercial cleaning company. If you do business in Byron, Rochester, MN or a surrounding area, hire LJY Services, LLC to handle your janitorial duties. We're a trusted janitorial service because we focus on quality and customer service.

Our licensed and insured crew can...

Clean easy-to-reach windows at your office space
Scrub high-traffic floors at your shopping complex
Sanitize high-touch surfaces at your school or gym

Call us at 507-624-0750 now to learn more about our janitorial service.

If we can't do it, we know someone who can

As a local commercial cleaning company, we've built professional relationships with other janitorial services in Byron, Rochester, MN and surrounding areas. If we don't offer the specific service you need, we'll find someone in our referral network who does.

You can count on LJY Services to go the extra mile to assist you.